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A tongue-in-cheek revelation of how package holiday companies operate.  This little booklet will help you to understand how airlines and airports expect you to behave.  Beat them at their own game! 

Available on Amazon and other distributors.  

Out of Thin Air

I am fortunate enough to have worked in environments where no two days are the same and most days present a new challenge.  I refer to both aviation and to the business of being a musician. 

Providing travel for the many and music for the discerning few has given me immense pleasure and a vast store of material.  I am also blessed by having some very eccentric ancestors so it seems only fair that I should offer the anecdotes contained herein in printed form.

I should perhaps explain that the Letters to the CEO, (Mr McBride) a mythical executive of a mythical airline from a mythical Captain are a figment of my imagination.  They represent, in any case a watered-down version of the sort of activities that aircrew of a previous generation (mine) got up to before flying became a more serious matter.

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