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Music Stuff

Since I was a small child, music has occupied a prominent spot in my life.  As a teenager, I had spots in other places as well, but that is of little importance.  I started on piano at five years old, suffering the abuse heaped on me by a certain Miss Gray who failed to understand my inability to master the scale of Bb Major and my indifference to certain classical masterpieces.  By the age of nine, I had taught myself the sinful boogie-woogie and, under the influence of a Mr E Presley gravitated to guitar.


In later years, I became incompetent on flute, dreadful on fiddle and totally abominable on a few other instruments.


Over the years, I have worked with almost every kind of band imaginable, from skiffle and pop to classical and even church music.  I have had the great privilege of playing the organ in Norwich Cathedral.

UPDATE!   We are now in the process of forming a new band named Smooth Operators in which I am joined by four amazing musicians.  Check back for more information as it happens!



The music business in Essex is brilliant and I am proud to have a considerable circle of friends whose talent never ceases to amaze me.   Check us out on Facebook under "The Coverband Collective"


My latest book book (Out of Thin Air) has several musical stories.  I bet you can't wait!


Please buy the books and please also book the band.  I need the money.




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